Digital Consulting

Need guidance making your online voice heard? dotcommedia can devise an online strategy that will build and strengthen your digital stance…

Through the years and countless hours spent online, together with our passion, talent and experience with the internet, we have a well-stocked toolbox filled with ideas that can be implemented to boost just about any brand in the digital age.

Whether you have an existing website, you’d like to start engaging consumers via social media, or you’re building a new brand online, our Digital Consulting Service cuts through the clutter to give you results. We’ve already bashed our heads into all those tedious bumps along the way, so you don’t have to. We understand how people use the internet, how they look for content and what makes them “click”.

Being trendsetters ourselves (thanks to our baby, StyleScoop.co.za), together with the work we’re doing and have done for our clients, we’ve discovered and implemented a wide spectrum of clever concepts that successfully grow brands online. Both in terms of Google rankings and growing social media followers. Because we’re “in the blogging biz”, we’ve developed priceless relationships with fellow bloggers, the twitterati and local online voices, giving us even more resources to connect your brand with ideal collaborators.

We want your brand to thrive in cyberspace, and we are firm believers in filling the internet with quality! Content (whether text or graphics), is king, and we treat our work like it was a member of the Royal Family. We dot the I’s and cross the T’s; we’re internet savvy, but never at the risk of lowering our standard of professionalism.

In a nutshell, our Digital Consulting Service will do all the legwork and we’ll act as your personal digital consultant. Implementing strategies, feeding you with ideas, suggesting ad campaigns and collaborations that walk the same walk and talk the same talk as your brand.

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